For visitors showcases the work of organisations who are dedicated to combatting climate change. We publish news, reports, studies and climate change breakthroughs from universities, NGOs, research organisations and private sector firms from all over the world. is free to use, and will give you a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the latest in climate change news, innovation and breakthroughs.

For organisations brings together climate change and environmental innovation, research and reports all in one convenient place. We republish content from universities, NGOs, research organisations or private sector firms, in order to showcase their climate change work to a wider audience. Our aim is to make the scale and breadth of projects dedicated to combatting climate change accessible for everyone to see.

We republish content in its entirety, clearly attributing organisations and including their images, credits and links. We will not post any content from an organisation without seeking permission to do so first (see SUBMIT CONTENT for more details). Their is no cost for any organisation to have their content promoted on

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